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Typical foods

Maultaschen: meat (beef and pork mixed with spinach and spices) with dough around it

recipe: You can take a casserole and put Maultaschen on it. Then you can put tomato sauce over it and put on the top of it some cheese. Then you put it into an oven.

Carelian pie: rye flour in oval shape and “on top” rice porridge

First you mold the dough in a shape of an oval and put the rice porridge just in the middle and leave the edges empty. Then crepe the edges. After that you put them into oven.

Tip: Make egg butter sauce and put that on top of the pie.

Spätzle: it’s a kind of noodles

how you make it: You mix flour, water, eggs and salt. In Germany we have a special machine where you put the dough and then you push it. Then you put it into hot water with a little bit salt.

recipe: Mix different kinds of vegetables with peek. Then you put the mixture into basic soup. Then you ca put it on a plate together with Spätzle.