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Life outside school

Life outside school isn’t  that different in Finland than in Germany. There are still some differences between the countries. Germans and Finnish do similar sports like football, volleyball, skiing, dancing and ice hockey etc. Differences are that Finnish do waterskiing and boarding, mostly beach volleyball than normal volleyball. Germans can’t go skiing everyday on the winters.

Finnish water skiing

In Finland and in Germany there are lots of similar activities like hanging out with friends, swimming, shopping, going to cinema, listening some music, playing boardgames and games on computer or playstation, photographing, cooking and just going out to do something fun. There is also a difference in this kind of activities between the countries. Because in Germany a lot of people are
hanging out outside in the park while doing barbecue. On the other
side, Finish people only make barbecue at their homes.

German barbecue in the park

Everyone is happy about to can go home after school and can do whatever the want to. But there mostly a big mistake, because we all need to do after school more school stuff at home. For example we need to do homework and some school projects.



In general my life is full of school. The most time I spend there. But if I have some free time I try to use it as good as I can. Normally I go outside and meet friends or friends come to me just for hanging up. Together with friends I go to gym or we cook together. Otherwise I also need to work in my free time. Because of I´m a swimming teacher I swim before and after my school kids come. Every Wednesday my sister and I make a movie evening with a lot of food we make before.



Usually I do lots of school stuff at home and I have a horse so all my time goes to school and to taking care of my horse. When I have free time, I like to hang out with friends or go running by myself. I go to the stable four times a week and it takes me 2-3 hours everyday. When I’m with friends we like to go shopping or grab some coffee in a nice place or just hang out somewhere. On weekends I like to play outdoor games with friends like football or basketball. I travel all around the Finland quite much because some of my friends live in Tampere, Oulu, Seinäjoki, Helsinki or in Kuopio. I also love just chilling, eating and watch some movies  by myself when I have time.