Tuesday 10.10 in Heilbronn

Tuesday in Germany

On Tuesday morning we participated in a lesson in Andreas-Schneider Schule. After the lesson we took a train from Heilbronn to Stuttgart, where we went to the Mercedes-Benz museum.

The museum was an interesting place. The museum tour told the history of Mercedes-Benz, from the first four-stroke engine to the latest car models. There was also a recap of German history of culture and technology form the founding of Mercedes-Benz to the present day. The building was also a sight to see.


After the museum, we had some free time in Stuttgart. After that, we took the train back to Heilbronn.

In the evening, since it was our last night in Germany, we had a farewell dinner with the whole group in Lehners, a restaurant in Heilbronn. The dinner was delicious, and we had a great time. The week in Germany was a great experience. The only downside was, that the week was too short.