Arkistot kuukauden mukaan: syyskuu 2013

My main task the company

Vailant VitoriaMain responsibility was to study the company’s use of the building’s heating ’s energy needs for the winter season and the cooling requirement for the summer season.
Then, determine what are the the premises are suitable for heating and cooling equipment.
Explained how the current heating system can be replaced by renewable energy using systems, and can also be used for cooling during the summer.
The whole purpose of the work is to find an appropriate way and in the heating equipment to produce power economically.

Objectives of the training period






Objectives of the training period were the college point of view:
Working life the period is intended to develop language skills. Also, our coming education in English Online Course Renewable energy requires language skills.
Working life During the period language skills evolves to meet the the above stated needs. Work placement gives more capacity to act in the future field of education international projects.
My own the development objectives:
– The developed my own of language skills
– To get more experience in the development tasks and project work in a foreign language.