Kaikki kirjoittajan Essi-Elina Kilpeläinen artikkelit

McFarland, Wisconsin

Essi K: McFarland is a cute small town. Here lives about 7.8 thousand people.  The village is 20 minutes drive from Madison, which is the capital of  Wisconsin. There is also a lake, Waubesa, in the town.

Basically the distances between everything inside the town are only 1-2 kilometres, but people still uses cars to move around.

There is a railway in the middle of the town

Town has it own schools. There are different buildings for high school, primary school and kindergarten. It also has a lot of restaurants, a big grocery store, a bank,  an pharmacy, many sport fields and the McFarland house (a local coffee shop that we are very familiar with) .

Kindergarten’s sign

The neighborhoods could be from American movies. Roads are wide and every house is different. They also have those old fashioned mail boxes that are very cute!


The day off

Essi K: The 10th of May. We had a day off from school, because freshmen and sophomores had exams all day. So we had plenty of time to do everything!

The morning was relaxed, I woke up late and ate some cereal. Around noon we went to a farm, to see some of Rhetta’s horses. Then we had an opportunity to try horseback riding. First we brushed the horses and then we tried riding. After I got over my fear of the big horses, my riding started to get better. I loved it! Some of us even tried trotting. There were only three horses, so while others were riding, we were watching and petting the cats, who lived in the farm.

After horseback riding we drove to local natural park. We were meant to hike for a while, but then it started raining. So we just walked for a little while, past a field with cows to a little lake and back.

Because we all were completely wet after walking in the rain (I mean it was warm weather but still) we went to our homes to shower and change clothes.

Around six I went to a Japan  noodle restaurant with my host family (it was delicious!!) . At 7:30 pm started Cabaret (school’s choirs performance) that we all went to watch. It was so amazing experience, and the youngsters were super talented! They performed songs from musicals and also old choir songs.


The whole day was so much fun and left many memories for all of us. Even I was extra tired in the evening the day still gave energy for the next school days.




Thursday 4th Of May

Essi K: Hey all. Today we had a totally packed day! After getting ourselves to school four of us had a lesson about American literature. There we had a chance to talk about Finland’s military and politics with other students. Then we went to the auditorium to listen to some veterans from Vietnam.  They told true facts about the war and reminded the audience that the individuals didn’t really support the war or want  to go there, but they were just following orders from the government.  That definitely gave everyone new aspects of the war.

After the auditorium we had just normal lessons. (I had AP Psychology,  US history and Study hall). When the school ended some of us went to the ”Weight Room” (it’s actually a gym with that nickname). Elsa helped with prom decoration. Then she went home with her hosts to get the house ready for the evening.

In the evening all of us (the finns) and almost all host families went to Molly’s house (she is Elsa’s host). We had a Potluck ( basically a dinner where every family brings something, so kinda like ”Nyyttarit”).  We ate so much good food, all different kinds of salads, pasta, sauce and for dessert we had pie, brownies, ice cream  and muffins.

The evening was so relaxed and nice and at the end of the day we watched the sunset together.

When we were leaving Rebekka’s host sister accidentally drove in to a ditch and we all had to get it off from there! Luckily no one was hurt.