Kaikki kirjoittajan Rebekka Huotari artikkelit

Back to Finland

Our time to go home came quickly. Three weeks sounds very long time but when you have something new to see everyday it’s very short time. On Thursday we did the last activity with almost everyone in our group (we finnish exchange students and our host sisters). That was eating first in Noodles and then bowling which were both lots of fun. After bowling we crossed a street to get icecream from Culver’s.

Food in Noodles. Notice the middle bowl which has Wisconsin mac & cheese (VERY good!)
Bowling area
Molly and Essi H bowling

Friday night we all spent backing our packs. On Saturday our hosts gave us a ride to Madison where the bus, which took us to the airport, left. It was raining heavily when we left, as if the sky would have been sad seeing as leaving. We were sad too to leave our host families but also happy to know that we would see our own families in 24 hours. We did some shopping in the airport before our flight and we managed to get to the plain. During our 8 hour flight to Stocholm we slept, watched movies and ate. And then just one hour flight to Helsinki where our families were waiting for us, happy to take us back home.

Picture from Chicago O’Hare airport

Suffering a little jetlag, we went to our ”internship” on Monday. Essi and Saara went to English Playschool/Preschool to help the kids there. The rest of us (me, Anni, Essi and Elsa) went to a school where they have English speaking classes through first grade to sixth grade.


PS. Thank you all of our hosts. We miss you already and we wish you can come and visit us some day soon.

Hinchley’s dairy farm

Rebekka: We started the day at school where the school bus picked us up. Then we went to the kindergarten to get the children to the bus. The children were loud and excited about going to the farm. The bus drive took about 20 minutes and then we saw some silos that the farmer was really excited about. We went on a hayride for a few meters.

During that ride we were told that the cows eat candy. The farmer sad it was because the cows needed some fat and sugar that their milk would have more fat.

Then we walked to feed goats and see chickens. There were also a few chicks which were very cute. On our way to milk a cow, we pet a cat and fed goat kids. After seeing all these animals we were given some crackers and a fantastic coloring book. Our schoolday continued with our normal classes. The day was fun with all those animals.