Our day in Madison

On Saturday we spent our day in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. First we went to the Farmer’s market, where they had dozens of stands selling different kinds of foods.

After that, we walked through Madison and shopped a little bit. The streets were really pretty and unique. There weren´t very many chain stores or restaurants, most were boutique kind of shops. Some of us had food at a burger place and some chose to eat a salad (probably the first and the last healthy  restaurant meal on the whole trip).


We found some new cool stores and also some pretty familiar stuff.


We also checked out to see the capitol of Madison, which is a gorgeous building in the middle of the city. The on the right has the view from a balcony of the building.


Later that night, all of us went to Saara´s host Becca´s house, where her parents had cooked us some really good food. Unfortunately we don´t have any pictures from that part of the day, but we had a lot of fun and went home with a full, happy stomach.

  • Anni