McFarland, Wisconsin

Essi K: McFarland is a cute small town. Here lives about 7.8 thousand people.  The village is 20 minutes drive from Madison, which is the capital of  Wisconsin. There is also a lake, Waubesa, in the town.

Basically the distances between everything inside the town are only 1-2 kilometres, but people still uses cars to move around.

There is a railway in the middle of the town

Town has it own schools. There are different buildings for high school, primary school and kindergarten. It also has a lot of restaurants, a big grocery store, a bank,  an pharmacy, many sport fields and the McFarland house (a local coffee shop that we are very familiar with) .

Kindergarten’s sign

The neighborhoods could be from American movies. Roads are wide and every house is different. They also have those old fashioned mail boxes that are very cute!



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