Devil’s Lake

Elsa: These last couple days have been sunny and warm. Being outside in the warm was ideal day for us all. We started Sunday by hiking. We drove to city of Baraboo where we found Devil’s Lake and around it was huge state park. Essi K’s host sister Kara and my host sister Molly had been to Devil’s Lake before. We decided to go around the whole lake, which was a total of about 3 miles. The lake was between two huge hills. We climbed on top of them and back down. The view was so beautiful. The whole hike took us about three or four hours. It was so nice to be outside while it was sunny and warm.

Rebekka and her host sister, Rhetta, went swimming at the Kalahari instead of joining us on the hike. This is one of the biggest waterparks in the Wisconsin Dells, which is often called the Waterpark Capital of the World. They spent about four hours there.


View of Devil’s Lake
Beautiful Wisconsin
In front Emma, Kara and Essi K. Behind Saara, Anni, Essi H, Elsa and Molly.


Everybody spent the evening with their host family’s on their own ways. Happy Mother’s Day!