The day off

Essi K: The 10th of May. We had a day off from school, because freshmen and sophomores had exams all day. So we had plenty of time to do everything!

The morning was relaxed, I woke up late and ate some cereal. Around noon we went to a farm, to see some of Rhetta’s horses. Then we had an opportunity to try horseback riding. First we brushed the horses and then we tried riding. After I got over my fear of the big horses, my riding started to get better. I loved it! Some of us even tried trotting. There were only three horses, so while others were riding, we were watching and petting the cats, who lived in the farm.

After horseback riding we drove to local natural park. We were meant to hike for a while, but then it started raining. So we just walked for a little while, past a field with cows to a little lake and back.

Because we all were completely wet after walking in the rain (I mean it was warm weather but still) we went to our homes to shower and change clothes.

Around six I went to a Japan  noodle restaurant with my host family (it was delicious!!) . At 7:30 pm started Cabaret (school’s choirs performance) that we all went to watch. It was so amazing experience, and the youngsters were super talented! They performed songs from musicals and also old choir songs.


The whole day was so much fun and left many memories for all of us. Even I was extra tired in the evening the day still gave energy for the next school days.