PROM 2017

Essi H: On Saturday 6th we had Prom at our school. Prom is a school dance, where juniors and seniors have formal dresses and suits on and they reveal Prom King and Queen.

Saara on the right and Becca (Saara’s host sister) third from the right
From the left: Anni, Claire (Essi K’s host sister), Blanka (Hungarian exchange student), Essi K

In the Saturday morning I went to get my hair done to Madison city with my host sister Kara.  After that we went home to get ready and in the afternoon we met with our group of friends that we went to have a dinner with. There were about 30 people in our group, and we had so much fun! I got to know many new people and they were very interested in Finland.

Elsa on the left and her host sister Molly

After dinner we went to a big garden, where we took a lot of pictures.

Essi H and her host sister Kara
Essi H’s Prom group

In the evening we went to the school, which was decorated as a romantic barn. Teachers were dressed as cowboys and they performed us a dance. The Prom King and Queen were revealed, and some couples were introduced. After that the DJ started to play dance songs and people started to dance until 11.30 pm.


After Prom we Finns went to Saara’s host family’s place and had a fun sleepover with good snacks.

The dance in Finland (Wanhat) is more formal dance than American Prom, because we really practice the old dances for a long time to perform them to a big audience. We all had a really nice day and taking part to American Prom was a once in a lifetime experience!