Hinchley’s dairy farm

Rebekka: We started the day at school where the school bus picked us up. Then we went to the kindergarten to get the children to the bus. The children were loud and excited about going to the farm. The bus drive took about 20 minutes and then we saw some silos that the farmer was really excited about. We went on a hayride for a few meters.

During that ride we were told that the cows eat candy. The farmer sad it was because the cows needed some fat and sugar that their milk would have more fat.

Then we walked to feed goats and see chickens. There were also a few chicks which were very cute. On our way to milk a cow, we pet a cat and fed goat kids. After seeing all these animals we were given some crackers and a fantastic coloring book. Our schoolday continued with our normal classes. The day was fun with all those animals.