Safely at home


Was this all worth it? Yes, indeed!  We learnt new words, idioms, grammar and phrases. We got new attitude to English language, we could even read English books. We can also discourse many topics, for example politics.

We noticed that world has become smaller. Young people from all over the world come to London to study English and they hope to get work there. We also get some ideas how to activate students at the lessons.

After all we get to know more about English culture, the way of living, windy weather and pub dinners (no fish and chips), but we didn’t see the princess.
Finally: If you have something to ask don’t hesitate to ask us!

Elections and school are over



It was an exciting night in Great Britain.. ”Cheers for some and cry for some” they said in BBC News. It’s much the same like in Finland month ago.

Look at this page, if you want know someting about the tide in Thames. Kaisa got wet shoes when she was jogging in the morning. Todays question: Do yoy know  something about tide? If so, dear readers, would you mind telling us.

image image image


There is fotos of two our teachers, Adam and Andrew. We spent nice hours with them as you can see.

Idioms, not idiots



”It’s not my cup of tea” and dozens of other British idioms were learned today. (In the picture it’s my cup of coffee.)  (The English teacher checking the test said we shouldn’t write in that official style. It would be less formal like this:  Today we lerned dozens of British idioms, like ”It’s not my cup of tea.”)

In the mornings we study a bit of grammer and in the afternoon more vocabulary and idioms. All the study groups are very discussing (communicative) and our class mates active (dynamic).



In the morning we got a nice task: write your life story in six words. Like this: ” A girls, a youngster, a mother.” ”Mother and teacher execising (exercising) being better.” Would be a nice task for our students as well.

Today it’s (is) the polling day. Still you hardly notice it on the streets. There are very few advertisements (adverts). Lea ja Kaisa found a polling station in a library ( that was closed for the election). Still the British seem to be quite interested in the tight race between the labor and the tory (between Labor and the Tories ). And the electoral system seems to be rather strange: only one representative will be elected  out of each area.

We are planning to go for a walk. But first Kaisa has to finish her pile of home work she got in the group of the advanced (in the advansed group)…

The question of Thursday (Thursday’s question): What does an idiom ”It costs an arm and a leg” mean?





Working hard

imageToday we have been studying very hard. In the other group Leena ja Lea had to study past tenses while Kaisa was planning a manifesto for a new political party called ”Common sense party”. In the afternoon we discussed about honesty and if we really are honest or not.

After school and homework we got the train to the City. In the picture you can see a typical pub dinner.


And when you are in London you have to see one musical. We choose Billy Elliot and it really was worth seeing.

The question for today is…. Whose statue stays at the Leicester Square? ”I say there is no darkness but ignorance.”





The first school day

imageimageOur English skills were tested in the morning. It was more or less like in matriculation examination: writing, grammar and oral. In the end of test it was a total lottery.

The other students are young (between 20-30 years) and they come from all over the world mostly from Germany and Brazil but also from Taiwan, Kazakhstan and Argentina.

In the afternoon we walked along Thames path to Richmond. Weather was windy, but the route was so beautiful. Richmond is a lovely English town and we spent a nice time there.

The question of today: what do these phrasal verbs mean: tie down, dry up, fend of, hang on to, sell off, pull in?



Royalists in Tower

imageA whole day touristing in the city of London: walking along the riverside of the Thames, and spending hours in wonderful Tower of London.


A yeoman, Beeteater, telling nice stories of medieval city and the problem of poop, beheaded whives and the jewellery donated to the queen by the grateful colonies.

Her royal Highness Princess Chasrlotte was tried to be shot. At least that’s how it sounded: gunfire lasted long in Tower.

The question of the day: what is the name of the tree above?


Bank holiday etc.

imageHere we are in lovely Twickenham. It took eleven hours to get here and we didn’t have any problems till we get here. Two trains from Gatwick and a very good lunch in an Italian restaurant, so we were ready to start to study English.


But do you know what Bank holiday means? We do now. It means that we don’t have any lessons tomorrow. Instead we have some independent studies in the city center of London. This you could call ”osaamisen tunnustaminen” in Finnish. So, it was a total surprise for us that this school is closed tomorrow.

Three things we noticed so far:  the Princess is not here in Twickenham, neither you can’t see that there will be elections next Thursday and you don’t drink local lager in pubs in Twickenham.

By the way, do you know the name of the beautiful bush in the picture? The smell was pretty much same as in Finnish sireeni.


Hello London!

Naiset vasemmalta Kaisa Helle, Leena Puustinen ja Lea Savón
Naiset vasemmalta Kaisa Helle, Leena Puustinen ja Lea Savón

Lähtö lähenee..  Me kolme opettajaa Schildtin lukiosta olemme saaneet hienon mahdollisuuden lähteä kielikurssille Lontooseen. Opiskelemme toukokuun ensimmäisen viikon kuusi tuntia päivässä englantia koulussa nimeltään LAL London.

Matkan valmistelu alkoi jo viime syksynä. Otimme selvää eri vaihtoehdoista ja pohdimme meille parhaiten sopivaa ajankohtaa. Päädyimme Lontooseen ja olemme reissussa 3.-9.5., sopivasti siis kotiin äitienpäiväksi. Lupasimme myös pitää yhteistä blogia tästä reissusta, jotta kollegat Jyväskylässä pysyisivät kärryillä siitä kaikesta, mitä opimme viikon aikana.

Nyt meillä on lentoliput, kurssimaksu sekä majoitus hoidettu sekä WEB-tallennus tehty. Muuta emme ole vielä ehtineet tehdä, mutta eiköhän tiukka opiskeluohjelma takaa sen, ettei aika käy pitkäksi. Toiveissa on tietenkin päästä katsomaan musikaalia, jalkapallo-ottelua tms.