Factory Work In a Nursery

Hi, again. I have been listening to Danish language for 5 weeks now. It is still a mystery how they pronounce their language. Even though  I have worked for the last two weeks mainly with Danish people unlike in the greenhouse, which will be the next subject.

I spent 3 weeks working in a company called Graff Kristensen, which is huge  hibiscus plantation, at least in my point of view. Well, I guess anyone could consider it huge, because it contains hundreds of thousands of plants at all times. Most of them are grown from cuttings which are originally from Vietnam. Reason for this is that the mother plants are better in Vietnam´s sunshine. The cuttings are brought by aeroplanes to Netherlands, and then by trucks to Denmark. Six months after their arrival to this nursery those cuttings have become nice hibiscus flowers, which shall travel all around the world. This coming of cuttings and sending of final products happen weekly. This is a lot of energy spent on producing dying decorations. Just think about an aeroplane with a cargo of cuttings for a decorative plant.

Back to more usual issues; I enjoyed my time working in this greenhouse, and I am thankful for the people there. I now have the experience of almost every kind of practical work in an industrial scale greenhouse. I had good guidance to the greenhouses practises and introduction to their company.

Hibiscus is a nice looking flower, and you can use it in infusions and it has also other ways of use. You can find more information about it if You can read this. I don´t recommend to use these ones which are grown for decorations, because of the wide range of chemicals sprayed on them.

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Good vibes

Good morning!

Today is (finally) our last day in Malta. Our flight leaves at 17:20 from Malta to Frankfurt and we’ll be in Finland after midnight. I’m missing my pets, friends and family so much. After all, six weeks have gone by very quickly. We’ve had a lot of fun!

This week we visited Manoel Island in Gzira. It’s located right next to Sliema. Manoel Island’s population is zero if you don’t count in the ducks, hens, geese, guinea pigs, rabbits and cats living in the Duck Village. Duck Village is maintained by one man who has built it from trash and things he has found in the streets.  Funny to see cats and birds getting along so fine!

On Manoel Island there is Fort Manoel but it’s not open to public. It’s an old war fort and it was built in the 18th century. It has been restored after WWII. I was a bit disappointed that we couldn’t go around the fortress but we walked around the island itself. Needless to say, it was stunning! Nuff says, the fort is haunted by the Black Knight but we didn’t catch a glimpse of him.

Tuesday was our last work day at the head office in Qormi. We made wallets for the customers and organized them by the meeting dates.

Before every tour the customers have a meeting in the head office where the tour leader tells them about the trip and gives them the plane tickets. It’s usually kept one or two weeks before the departure.

After we had done all our work, we bought 11 doughnuts for our co-workers, gave them Karl Fazer’s chocolate and fed them salmiakki. Surprisingly, no one even grinned when tasting it! It was kind of sad to leave all our workmates there, but I’m sure we’ll be in touch in the future.

On Wednesday & Thursday we went to the Mosta Branch. We invoiced customers and made bookings with the Group Travel System. It was a lot of fun to work with Natasha, Maddie and Andrew! After work we had a closing meeting with Paragon.

Our last three days we’ve spent well in the beach. I’m going to miss the sea so much! I love swimming in it and watching the waves hit the coast when it’s windy.

This has been as great adventure for the both of us. We’ve learned a lot about Maltese culture and working as a part of a big family business. I recommend this for anyone who has ever thought about working abroad. You should follow your dreams and go already!

Best wishes,


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Something new something old

Evening everyone!

So today our last week started and I am pretty exited to come back home but same time it’s kind of sad because I am gonna miss this place and people here. But lets get to the point.  Since last post at work we have been filling in the customer wallets and counting all ready past tours feedback forms. Last week at Wednesday we also got to know the Valletta’s branch and we  were taught how to make the reservations and stuff like that. It was really nice  because the people there were extra friendly and the customer were so laid-back. We were there also today but we didn’t work whit customers this time. So we have learned again something new.

Working hard in Valletta branch 😀
Our space in Valletta branch








At Tuesday after work we went to Lascaris War Rooms and Saluting Battery. It is a war museum and it consist of an underground complex of tunnels and chambers that housed the War Headquarters from where the defense of Malta was conducted during the Second World War. This secret complex contained operations rooms for each of the fighting services from where not only the air defense of Malta was coordinated,  but also some of the greatest battlesfought in the Mediterranean during the war. It was really interesting because we don’t know much about Malta’s history. We also witnessed a cannon shot in Saluting Battery it was pretty impressive.

Soldiers starting to load the cannon












Really old phone which was used to communicate in world war 2

Room were Malta’s air forces were leaded






At weekend we toke really easy. At Saturday we went to the beach in Sliema but we weren’t there so long because we were to near at coast and one bigger wave wet our towels. 😀 After that accident we just hanged around in Sliema. In the evening we went to see our boss’ band gig. It was awesome and you can check their Facebook profile at this link Decline The Fall !

But I think there was everything worth of telling from our last week

till next one!




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Our first week in Spain!


The first week is behind and time has gone really fast in here.
We have come to know a lot of a new people and new places!


Last week and this week we’re in school and next week we start to work in Forestal Park.


Last friday Nela showed a Palma for us with Sanna and Katja. We went to a lot of places and visited two churches.

Last weekend we didn’t have any special plans, so we went to the beach.

Have a good week everybody! <3



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Despite the sickness, I’m finally here !

Hello! It’s Minna writing here. I arrived today to Chichester. I am twenty years old horticultural student from Jämsä college.

My flight left from Finland at 8.45 local time.  I was arriving to Gatwick airport at ten o’clock. Traveling by bus and plane was easy because I slept all the time.

I was SUUPER scared to do all this alone, but everything went very well. I found easily my train to Chichester and the college was so near the train station. Last week I was in Turkey and I became very sick there. (and I’m STILL sick. ugh.) I have lost my voice and when I try to speak it sounds more like fifty years old man who has been drinking whiskey all his life….

Anyway ! I was too excited to stay at the campus so I went to the city … and OH MY IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I think I’m already in love this place.

chichester cathedral


I hope I will have some fun here!  Tomorrow I’ll start working at west dean gardens!

Love, Minna

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Our first day in Spain!!

So…our buss left from Jyväskylä to Helsinki at 2:00 am. We were VERY tired, but at the same time very excited 😛

When we arrived at the airport I was a little bit nervous, because it was going to be my first time flying :O Aino was little bit nervous too, but fortunately she has flyed before, so we were’nt so lost at the airport 😛

But when our plane was in the air, I relaxed. It was SO cool and beautiful <3 We loved every second.

4 hours later we arrived at Palma’s airport. We already love this city. It’s so warm and beautiful in here <3 (When at the same time in Finland is snowing hahahah) People are so nice and friendly 🙂 I think we will stay in here forever 😛

But now we are going to sleep 🙂 Good night everyone <3 It was a very nice day today!


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Our first week in Jyväskylä

by Spanish students of Agrària IES Felenitx in Mallorca. See also their school blog.

First of all, we want to introduce ourselves, we are three students from Mallorca (Spain) that we have come to Jyväskylä for an Erasmus+ program. We study different professional training in Mallorca and we have come to Jyväskylä  in order to do our job training for one month. Two of us study gardening and the other one study bakery.

In this first blog, we will explain the first week of the gardening students:

On our first day, Jari Järvenranta came to pick up us in our residence, and then we went to AO and we met Susanna Leinonen (our tutor). During this month we will do the garden maintenance of different AO campus.

The second day, we went to visit Jämsä college. We think that college has a really good installation. We met there another student from Mallorca that he is doing his practical training about physical activities.

The third day, we started our practice in Jyväskylä. We did nice arrangements.

The fourth day, we went to a green house in Muurame “ Ritun Puutarha”. We spend a really good time and we hope to come back there.

The fifth day, we did diverse garden maintenance in Viitamieni campus.

We spend a really good week!



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Where have all the days gone?

Four weeks have gone by so fast! After today, we have only 13 days left in Malta. A week ago on Sunday we went to Mdina to see ”The Medieval Mdina Festival”. There were all kinds of stuff from the Middle Ages and we even got to see old-school torture equipment. Some people were dressed to fit the festival and we witnessed duels, archery battles and so much more.




On Monday was a public holiday (May Day) so we didn’t have work. Instead we decided to travel to Blue Lagoon in Comino. We took a ferry from Ic-Cirkewwa to Blue Lagoon and after 10 minutes we arrived to our destination. It was mesmerizing to see such landscapes I’ve only seen in photos and advertisements. The water was so clean and turquoise! We stayed the whole day there exploring the island and adoring the views.

Yesterday we explored Marsaskala, which is a sea-side village in the South Eastern Region of Malta with a population of 12 00 people. Even though it’s right by the sea, it was so hot I felt like I was melting. We saw some pretty rad street art and a few abandoned houses. We also discovered a beautiful and peaceful beach there.

When we walked along the Promenade, we saw salt pans on the shore. Salt pans have been used at least for 350 years in Malta. Basically, the sea water fills the crevices in the coast line. It is left settled for eight days and then it is moved to smaller salt pans, further from the sea and in a warmer temperature. The salt starts to dry and form salt crystals. After it has dried enough, it is collected, processed, packed by hand and distributed to markets, food shops and souvenir stores.

Kind of amazing, huh?

Gollum in Marsaskala

At work we have been filling in envelopes that will be given to the customers at the start of their tours. The envelopes include a feedback poll, airport policies, luggage tag and such things. It sounds easy but it’s very precise, we have to write every customers name separately on the envelope and on the feedback poll we write the tour names and dates.

Today our co-worker Isabelle brought us pieces of chocolate cake in the middle of the day! It was a cheerful surprise. On Wednesday we will go see Valletta’s branch of Britannia Tours and meet other people that work for Britannia Tours.

This is a totally normal sight on our work desks at work. So much paper work!


Have a nice day! Or as the Maltese say, Il-gurnata t-tajba!

Best wishes,


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