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First impression of Finland

Hello, my name is Ruben Zijp I am 19 years old and live in the Netherlands.

Yesterday I arrived in Jyväskylä  together with another student.

We travelled from around 6 o´clock in the morning until 5 o´clock in the evening.

We first had to catch a train to Schiphol Amsterdam, after that we took a flight to Helsinki.

The flight took around 2 hours and everything went well.

From Helsinki Airport we took the bus to the Pendolino train which departured to Jyväskylä, we arrived there at 17:45.

In the train we looked out of the window and saw a lot of trees and some houses.

After that we were picked up by Milka and our supervisor who brought us to our chambers.


The chambers look nice, there’s enough space and the beds lay comfortable.

Yesterday it was already to late to cook dinners so we went to the supermarket and get ourselfs some cheeseburgers to eat.




In the morning we got ourselfs breakfast in the Priimus College.

After that we did some