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Innovation camp

last night we had to do an “24 hour” camp. During this camp we had to set up our own company. We did this with three finnish students. The name of our company is plectrum clip. It is a sort of clip that you can attach at your strap. You can put your plectrum in it, so you don’t have to loose them anymore. After we were done at 01:00 am teachers brought us to our own company.



My name is Judy Saueressig and I come from Holland.

I am 19 years old and live in Monnickendam.

Monnickendam is a place next to Amsterdam.

31st of march am I arrived in Jyvaskyla with eight other students.

Jyvaskyla is a very nice but small place in Finland. People are very friendly but also a little bit shy.

Today we have meet some other students. Tomorrow we have to do an  24 hour innovation camp with Finnish students.