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Job shadowing at Redesan.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur but you don’t know where to start? There are companies out there to help you.

Today Judy and I had the opportunity to spend the day at Redesan. We spend the day watching Sanna Jylänki work and ask her everything when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

At fist the company seemed to be a normal office , but as we looked further we could defiantly see the personality of Sanna back in to the rooms. There was not a single clinical room , everything was very nice decorated and there was a purple / nature team going on.

We where offered a nice cup of tea / coffee and we started asking questions to get to know Sanna and Redesan a bit better.

“What kind of products or services does Redesan offer?”
-Redesan helps other entrepreneurs by teaching them how to start and manage there own business.

“How do you teach or help entrepreneurs who use your service?”
– Over the last 3 years we teach entrepreneurs how to use marketing properly. They get tips about how to write business letters , where to start, how to be an entrepreneur and how to sell the product or services they offer.

” How would your coustumers discribe you ? ”
– Not only my costumers but I would also like to call myself the persiillepotkija , which means something like the “Asskicker” of entrepreneurs. If somebody has to say what to do next , its me. I like to think out of the box. You can not start or have a successful business when you have this “tunnel vision ”

“How many entrepreneurs did you help so far?”
– For the last 3 years we helped 300 entrepreneurs.

“What do you do when you have no appointments ? ”
– At the moment I am writing 2 book and blog about how to be an entrepreneur. I also create flyers for the company and I always try to reach out to as many entrepreneurs as possible to offer my services.

“What do you write on your blog?”
– I am writing about how I started as an entrepreneur and how to get back in business after you went bankrupt.

” Is it easy to become an entrepreneur here in Finland?”
– To become an entrepreneur is quit easy. To become a successful entrepreneur is hard. As an entrepreneur you have to pay a lot of high taxes to the government. The first years you have little to no money and it takes quit some work / time to get your company of the ground. Its easy to start a company but hard to make good profits out of it.

“And thats where you step in?”
– Yes, a lot of people do not understand what is like to be an entrepreneur. Most of them have no idea how to use marketing. I teach them how to use them and help the companies to grow bigger.

” How did your company get this successful? ”
– I want it to help other entrepreneurs with the things I have learned at my studies. I was the first privet business advisor around here.
Also a little thing I do , I try to send all of my customers a text with a tip to improve there businesses every single day. Maybe you have some tip to give my costumers?!

” I think we can come up with some tips for you! How do you promote your company? ”
– Mostly on facebook. I also have and use my logo on my car, flyers and QR-codes.I’ll also go to many happenings and meetings to meet some new and old customers.

Down the hallway we met Sanna’s husband Tomi Jylänki. Tomi is also an entrepreneur and we started talking about being and becoming an entrepreneur from his prospective. Tomi has been an engineer for more than 14 years. First he worked in electrical businesses , he went to the university and got his master degree.
He stared working in constructions. In 2000 he stared his own company which he sold last summer.

” What made you decide to become a entrepreneur? “
– I wondered why the building business is as it is. I thought there should be someone to make things better , help the people who are in this business and teach them how to start their own.

” Do you come from a entrepreneurs family? “
– Yes, my father was an entrepreneur. I knew being an entrepreneur was not easy. After a few years when the business was growing I joined the society of entrepreneurs Jyväskylä which I am the president of.

” What do you like about being an entrepreneur?”
– It’s a hard way of living but rewarding. I love the freedom you have as an entrepreneur. You are able to schedule your own time , when to start and stop your working day. As an entrepreneur you are your own boss and you have no boss to boss you around. I hope to go on like this for an other 20 to 25 years.

” Where would you like to be in 25 years?”
– I would like to have costumers all over norther Europe. I hope to have a lot of employees and work with green energy.

” Why do Finnish people like green energy so much? ”
– I think it has something to do with the fact that a 100 years ago most of the people where farmers. We just love our nature and it is very important to us. Other counties are burning kohl and wooden products like its nothing. Although we love green energy , Finnish people are not that keen on windenenergy because of the wind terminals. At the moment we use a lot of water power.

” Did you follow any entrepreneurial studies, like we do?”
– No I never had. I do not think I would have needed one. You get most of the basics at school here in Finland.

After those interviews and a day of job shadowing we talk about being entrepreneurs and why we choose to go to Finland. We had lunch at a diner close to the company. We had some little chats and they got to know a little bit about us personally and the fact that we didn’t like the mämmi we had earlier this week hahahaha. Judy and I also had to laugh every time we heard the words moi moi. We explained that it sounds to us as the Dutch word “mooi” which means beautiful. Sanna and Tomi where so nice to us. They really took the time to explain us what it is they do. Like all Finnish people we have met over the days very nice , enthusiastic and always willing to speak English.

If you became interested in this company or would you like to read more about being an entrepreneur on Sanna’s blog you could go to her facebook page or website to learn more of this company.

Sanna and Tomi Jylänki thank you so much for this very intresting job shadowing!

And for now there is one thing left to say which is our favourite Finnish word so far.

Moi moi

Chantal and Judy.

The friend for entrepreneurs , yrittäjän kumppani.

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The “24 hour” camp.

Yesterday we’ve joined some Finnish students at the other campus for a entrepreneurial course. This took place at the second campus seëpa near to the city centre. The course started at at 11 o’clock. We just had breakfast and they offered us a warm lunch , still not very used to the warm and Finnish kitchen. My stomach is not very used to the water and type of food ( especially the bread) they serve.

After lunch we’ve made some assignments and got to know each other. We formed groups with the Finnish students and we hatted to a museum. This museum showed us a little bit about the history of Jväskylä.

Back at the campus we had to work together with our groups to create a product. After we came up with a idea we had to make a business plan. This is something we had already done back in the Netherlands so it was a bit to easy. We had to make a powerpoint , SWOT analysis , commercial and presentation. I was a bit disappointed because I had the feeling I was teaching them instead the other way around as told. Everything we had to do was something we all ready knew how to use. We had to stay till 2 am which made it a very exhausting day..

After presentations at 1 am we showed the others our commercial. During the night they showed us a scary clip , they shut down all the lights in the school and tried to scare us. I was not amused by this. It was a very long day and I was exhausted. I did not go with the others down the stairs to the basement were they tried to scare us. Im glad I didn’t.

Thank god we were able to go back to our own campus and we didn’t had to stay there for the night like the Finnish students.

First impressions of Finland.


My name is Chantal i’m nineteen years old and I arrived last monday at Helsinki airport. We traveled from Helsinki to Jyäskylä by train, this was a nice way to see something of the landscape of Finland.

The first thing I’ve noticed was the big amount of trees and all this little wooden houses. The first days of school were a bit diffrent from what i’m used to. The early and warm lunches are not something we are used to. Back in the Netherlands we’re used to eat bread during the day and a warm meals as dinner.

The Finnish people I’ve met during these days have some things in comment. They are very shy and don’t say much. But when you start talking to them they are very keen to speak and try to speak as much English as possible. We have been lost a several times while trying to find one of the campuses and we had to ask for the way to Priimus. Everything looks very similar to me, especially the streets .All of the people we have ask for directions were very nice and helpfull.

So far my first impressions of Finland, Jyväskylä.
During the flight.

Train trip to Jväskylä