The “24 hour” camp.

Yesterday we’ve joined some Finnish students at the other campus for a entrepreneurial course. This took place at the second campus seëpa near to the city centre. The course started at at 11 o’clock. We just had breakfast and they offered us a warm lunch , still not very used to the warm and Finnish kitchen. My stomach is not very used to the water and type of food ( especially the bread) they serve.

After lunch we’ve made some assignments and got to know each other. We formed groups with the Finnish students and we hatted to a museum. This museum showed us a little bit about the history of Jväskylä.

Back at the campus we had to work together with our groups to create a product. After we came up with a idea we had to make a business plan. This is something we had already done back in the Netherlands so it was a bit to easy. We had to make a powerpoint , SWOT analysis , commercial and presentation. I was a bit disappointed because I had the feeling I was teaching them instead the other way around as told. Everything we had to do was something we all ready knew how to use. We had to stay till 2 am which made it a very exhausting day..

After presentations at 1 am we showed the others our commercial. During the night they showed us a scary clip , they shut down all the lights in the school and tried to scare us. I was not amused by this. It was a very long day and I was exhausted. I did not go with the others down the stairs to the basement were they tried to scare us. Im glad I didn’t.

Thank god we were able to go back to our own campus and we didn’t had to stay there for the night like the Finnish students.