First impressions of Finland.


My name is Chantal i’m nineteen years old and I arrived last monday at Helsinki airport. We traveled from Helsinki to Jyäskylä by train, this was a nice way to see something of the landscape of Finland.

The first thing I’ve noticed was the big amount of trees and all this little wooden houses. The first days of school were a bit diffrent from what i’m used to. The early and warm lunches are not something we are used to. Back in the Netherlands we’re used to eat bread during the day and a warm meals as dinner.

The Finnish people I’ve met during these days have some things in comment. They are very shy and don’t say much. But when you start talking to them they are very keen to speak and try to speak as much English as possible. We have been lost a several times while trying to find one of the campuses and we had to ask for the way to Priimus. Everything looks very similar to me, especially the streets .All of the people we have ask for directions were very nice and helpfull.

So far my first impressions of Finland, Jyväskylä.
During the flight.

Train trip to Jväskylä