DUBLIN 24th – 28th April 2017

DAY 1: Monday 24th April

Today we left Jyväskylä at about 9 a.m. or so, and arrived in Helsinki at 1 o’clock. There we did the necessities and then we just hung out around the airport. The flight to Dublin left at about 4.45 p.m.  and we arrived at 6 (Irish time).

In Dublin we checked in at the Jacobs Inn Hostel and then we tried  to make ourselves look somewhat presentable. Then we went to eat at Brannigan’s with the whole group.

Dublin at first glance felt really nice. The first thing that caught my attention was how green it is compared to Finland.

But all in all it’s really great to finally be here in Dublin!

DAY 2: Tuesday 25th April

Morning started at 7:30 am, we woke up, did our make up, ate breakfast which mostly consisted of toasted bread and nutella.

 After the breakfast some of us gave their presentations. The presentations were about Ireland’s history, culture, facts and and so on. At 9:30 we left the building and started to walk to Dublinia. Dublinia is a museum, it showed Ireland’s history from the Vikings to the Medieval times and some basics of archaeology. On the way we saw Niall Horan, a member of One Direction. Or so we think.

 Dublinia was maybe interesting, but mostly it was gorgeous; especially the yard. It was all green and alive. You’ll find Dublinia next to the Christ Church Catethdral.

A typical street view in Dublin

After Dublinia we had a little bit of free time. First of all we went to eat to Subway, which was a lot cheaper than in Finland. Then we went to the centre of Dublin, or to the place what we tought to be the centre. There we wandered around, walked alone for a while and returned to the place where the next event, a guided city tour, was starting.

At the beginning of the tour it was very windy and cold, but the rest of the tour was in every way warmer and better

The first target of the tour was Dublin Castle. It was first founded in 1204 as a major defensive work by Meiler Fitzhenry on the orders of King John of England, who was the first Lord of Ireland.  The castle was the seat of the United Kingdom government’s administration in Ireland until 1922. Now the castle is a major Irish government complex.

Dublin Castle
The garden and backyard of Dublin Castle, with a helicopter landing place

Nowadays the castle is a huge tourist attraction and conferencing destination. It is also used for state dinners, the most recent one being for Queen Elizabeth II in 2011. And most significantly, it’s used for the inauguration of the presidents of Ireland.

Then the tour took us back to Dublinia, to the stairs were the Ps. I Love You-film was filmed, to the streets and to Trinity College. The tour lasted a couple of hours and we had to walk it through.

The evening after the tour was free time. My friends and I went to H&M, back to the hostell to take a breath for a while, and then back to the centre. We searched the Forever 21, which wasn’t easy to find. There we spent almost an hour, maybe more. And the last thing we did, we went to eat in a local restaurant and came back to the hostel at 9:30 pm.

DAY 3: Wednesday April 26th 

Today we went to the countryside, where we saw Malahide Castle, which was cool. The history of Malahide Castle estate began in the 1100s when Henry II gifted the castle to Sir Richard Talbot. The castle belonged to the Talbot family for about 960 years.

Malahide Castle main entrance

Our tour guide told us many stories of the hauntings at the Malahide estate, but we didn’t experience any of them. I guess it was because we were there early in the day and all the haunting occurs in the  evening and at night.

The castle from the back

The castle’s garden was beautiful and we took some great pictures of the flowers and of each other.

Magnolias in bloom

After the tour in the castle, we went to the botanical gardens, where we saw some more beautiful flowers and plants and also a peacock strutting in the yard. We were kind of intimidated by the peacock since it was strutting so close to us.

After the tour at Malahide, we went to Howth, which is a seaside town, where we went and ate. After that we went and saw the Howt Cliff path.

Howt’s Cliff path is approximately 6 to 10km long and the shape of the route is a loop. It is a path of great coastal scenery.  We didn’t walk the whole route, but we still saw some breath-taking sceneries.

After the few hour trip we had some free time which we spent shopping and taking pictures. We found a cool alleyway where, when taking pictures, I ripped my pants but it was cool since we got nice pictures.

In the evening we saw some Irish music and dance at the Celtic Night, where we also ate some food. The show was entertaining and the dancers were really good!

All in all the day was really eventful and I enjoyed it!

DAY 4: Thursday April 27th

We woke up at 8:30 am and ate our breakfast. At 9:30 am we heard presentations about Christ Church Cathedral and Phoenix Park.

Today we went to Trinity College that looked a little bit like Hogwart’s. There were very old buildings there. The guide told us about the buildings and the college. Trinity College was established  in 1592 and there are about 15 000 students. He asked us about the school system of Finland. The school system of Irland is different than our system. After seeing the buildings, we went to the Trinity College library. There we saw the Book of Kells, which munks have written it in the Middle Ages.

The library at Trinity College

Next we went to Christ Church cathedral which is about a thousand years old. It wasa  very beautiful place. There were many ornaments and colorful windows. There was a crypt and there we saw a mummified cat and rat. They are a famous sight.

At one pm we went to Brazen Head , Dublin’s oldest pub, to eat lunch. The food was delicious and the place was cosy. After eating lunch some went to Kilmaineham Gail prison museum and the others visited the zoo. I went to Kilmaineham Gail museum. The prison was old, scary and very interesting. The guide told us about its history. We were able to go into the cells.

After the tour at Kilmaineham, I went shopping with my friends. I was back at our hostel at nine o’clock. My feet were hurting but it didn’t matter because I had had an exciting and nice day.

DAY 5: Friday April 28th

The wake up was at seven o’ clock. The morning was like the others, plus packing because we had to leave that day. 

 After cheking out of the hostel, we could decide which museum to go to. There were three alternatives: The National Museum of Ireland, The Museum of Natural History or The National Gallery. We went to two of them. Meanwhile and after the museums we did the street polls and interviewed some Irish people. They were all very kind and it was one of the greatest tasks on the whole trip, even though going to the Trinity College was quite enjoyable too! Asking if brexit would affect Ireland was the most interesting queston, because it really parted people. 

 And of course the last hours in Dublin we spent  shopping. The last clothes, souvenirs and homecoming gifts were bought in the last hours. Luckily there was a good amount of time for those. 

 We got back to the hostel which we left together and took a bus to the airport in the afternoon. We had about an hour there, which we spent at Burger King. Nothing special. The plane was leaving, we went to the plane and flew back to Finland. The landing was late, somewhere around 10 pm. We took a bus home. The bus ride was quiet, everyone was tired and it was night already. 

 The trip ended at 5:30 am in my case, when I finally arived back to my home, to my own bed

Written by Nea Vaskelainen, Pirita Ollila and Milla Siljamäki

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